It’s already NOVEMBER?!?!?!?

Happy November everyone!  This year has flow by!  I am getting ready for the holiday season and upcoming shows.  I have added a calendar on the right side bar to show you what events I have coming up.  If you can’t make it to one, but still need a gift just zip me an email, text or call me!

This year I have decided to follow in my BFF Cassy (from Art in the Attic Studio) steps and buy local this year!  My family has done homemade Christmas for quite some time, so this should be a pretty simple task . . . and who doesn’t like supporting our neighbors!  I would love each of you to consider doing this as well, and local craft fairs are a great way to do it!  There is always something for everyone at the shows.

Speaking of Fall craft shows, they are starting next weekend . . . I will be at the KC Hall in New Prague.  Stop in and start your holiday shopping!

NP Fall Craft show

Have a great week and hope to see you out and about this weekend supporting local businesses!

Get your Pink On!

Thursday, October 6th, is the Lonsdale Crawl. I hope to see a lot of people out and about sporting their pink as we bring awareness and raise money to fight cancer. Clothesline Chic, Country Girls Create, Art in the Attic Studio, Mary Kay, Mark Richter Sculpture South, and Wild Tree will be at Generation Home and Building Center. If that wasn’t enough, the photo booth will be up and ready to capture you and your friends in all your pink glory!!!

Here is the info you need . . .

Crawl flyer It’s going to be a great night and can’t wait to see you all there!!!

Item of the Week – Birch

IOTW birch If you follow me on Facebook you know that Spark Naturals has an Item of the Week that gives you a discount on top of the 10% off you get when you use coupon code “clothelsinechic.”  But I’m not always great at telling you what you could use the oils for, so I thought I would start doing that!  So, here it goes . . .

Birch is an amazing pain relieving oil.  But, it should not be used by anyone that can’t use aspirin because it contains methyl salicylate (the natural form of the active ingredient in aspirin).  This would include kids, people with epilepsy, pregnant women and anyone on blood thinners.  It comes with a special childproof top to remind you!

Here are a couple ways I use birch . . .

I run with my dad 3 mornings a week.  I did something to my knee the other day and it was so sore . . . throbbing sore . . . so I grabbed my Birch EO and some Emu Oil (my dad swears by this stuff) and massaged it into my knee.  The throbbing went a way!  Then, before I went to bed I rubbed some of my Vitamin E lotion that I added Birch to on and around my knee, it worked like a charm . . . I was able to enjoy my father/daughter bonding run pain-free this morning!

Birch is also in the Relief – Headache Blend . . . I made a roller out of this (you can purchase the roller bottles here) here is the link to the video on how to make a roller bottle for you too!  You could also add a couple drops of this blend or Birch to your shampoo when you are showering to relieve tough headaches.

That is how I use birch . . . now hurry up and order yours before the week is done!  Don’t forget to use coupon code “clotheslinechic” to get an extra 10% off your order!

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Why I love Essential Oils

It is already the beginning of July . . . where is the summer going?  We are super busy getting ready for the county fair in August (check out Aubrey and her steer, Trigger) and redoing each room in the house (everyone will have their own room before school starts in September).  You can follow me on Instagram or on Facebook for pictures of all the fun we are having!



Along with all the work we have been doing we are getting some play time in too (sometimes this means we get scratches, bug bites, cuts, and too much sun) . . . which brings me to the reason for my post, but you will have to hold on for my SUPER exciting announcement for a bit!

So . . . back to the point of this post “Why I love Essential Oils.”

My mom introduced me to them a couple of years ago and I thought she went crazy.  How is rubbing this oil on your feet going to keep you healthy or really rubbing oils on my face to help you breathe or get rid of headaches . . . sounds far-fetched to me.  But then I tried them and am hooked!!!  My new personal motto has become . . .

Oil for that

. . . maybe I should have copyrighted that phase before I posted it, but remember you saw it here first!!!

Because of my new-found love, I became a Spark Naturals affiliate a couple of months ago because I wanted to share my love for affordable, Certified Pure Pharma Grade (CPPG) Essential Oils with anyone who is interested.  This spring I held an Oils 101 class and it went over great!  I am thinking about adding one through Community Ed this fall . . . so stay tuned for more information!  I also did a post on how to make roller bottles this winter and one about my favorite diffuser blends.  Since then I have been using oils for everything and loving the results.  I made a killer mosquito spray (25 drop of Nature in a 1 oz spray bottle and then fill with Witch Hazel) that has been keeping the MN mosquitoes at bay.

Look for more frequent posts on Essential Oil uses . . . and always make sure to use coupon code “clotheslinechic” when you place your order for a 10% discount, because who doesn’t love discounts that you can use again and again!!!

Now for my big news . . .  Spark asked what oils we would like to see them add to their already stellar line up and the latest addition is Citronella!!!!!


I am so excited for this oil and this week only when you place an order and add Citronella to it you get FREE SHIPPING (ends Sunday).  I am going to make some of these awesome Citronella Candles from  I can not wait!!!  Aren’t they cute!

Citronella Candles

Do you use oils?  Or are you interested in them, but not sure what to do with them????  Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite use is for them or what you would like to know about them!

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Summer Lovin’

Today is the first day of summer break for the kiddos . . . where did the school year go!  I now have middle schoolers and a Kindergartener . . .


Nonetheless . . . summer is here and we are looking forward to lazy days at the lake, running through (and making) the new PVC pipe sprinkler, and soaking up the sun.  To get us ready for the water Create Kids Couture recently released a new fun pattern . . . the Jonathan’s Swim Shorts!

I was really excited when I got to test this pattern!  Devin was super excited to be my test subject and get a new pair of swim shorts.  He even got to pick out the fabric . . . brown and orange dragons.  He couldn’t wait to give them a try.  The water is still a little chilly, but we headed out to the lake anyhow!  He loves how comfortable they are and can’t wait to actually try them out in the water hopefully soon!

Jonathan Swim Shorts

Jonathan Swim Shorts

You can grab your very own Jonathan’s Swim Shorts pattern here along with all the other patterns in their boys line.  Board short fabric can be found at The Fabric Fairy.  Meg is super sweet and will match fabric for you, which a great perk when you are buying fabric online . . . it never looks the same on the screen as in person.  Don’t want to try your hand a sewing some swim shorts?  Shoot me an email at to place your order!

Have a great Friday and hope you get out and enjoy the sun today!

2 DGs + 4 shirts = 1 Amazing Light Green Crayon!

A couple weeks . . . or maybe months, ago Lucas came home from preschool with a note about a play they are going to do and he needed to wear light green for his big part as the green crayon.  “Plenty of time to pick up comfy pants and a shirt . . . no problem,” I thought.  Jump ahead to Monday (after many trips to stores that I always forgot to look for light green crayon attire) I was just getting home from a quick run to town and realized the play was TOMORROW and Luke had NOTHING TO WEAR!!!

Did I panic . . . nope!  I went to my fabric stash and found nothing that would work . . . the green and white polka dot was a little too girly for him.  So . . . off to our local Dollar General to see if they had anything that would work.  They had light green clothes, but not in his size, I browsed through the men’s section and found these babies . . . bright green sleeveless shirts!

Lime green shirts

I grabbed 2 (the only XL and L they had left) and off I went to start cutting.  I knew I wasn’t going to have enough fabric because they had pockets that left holes if I removed them, but I wasn’t worried.  The next town over has a Dollar General and we were heading that way for dog obedience that night . . . SCORE!  I ran in and grabbed 2 more shirts.

I knew what patterns I was going to use from the start.  The Boys Classic Fit pants from Seamingly Smitten and Create Kids Couture’s Toby’s Hooded T-shirt are great patterns that I was lucky enough to test.  They go together super fast and are great with knits.  Before I knew it this. . .

Green Crayon costume

turned into this . . . yes, even the socks are green! Green Crayon

The play was a success!  Miss Jenny’s class did a wonderful rendition of “The Crayon Box that Talked.”  Lucas has a wonderful teacher this year and a great assistant, Miss Penny.  They even got certificates of completion and sang us a couple of songs they have worked on throughout the year.

Green Crayon Debut!

No show is complete without a treat!  I scream you scream we all scream for ICE CREAM!!!  And Lucas was lucky enough to have a cheering crowd with him to share the treats with.  Here he is with Great Grandma Next Door.

Ice cream with Great Grandma

It was a great performance and reminder that time flies and soon my baby will be in Kindergarten!  And now Lucas has a nice, comfy pair of lounge pants and a fun new shirt that we will be bringing over to Art in the Attic Studio for some screen printing fun!  I am thinking white houndstooth or chevron pocket and trim!  Stay tuned . . . because that is a post for another day!

Just in time for Easter . . . The Donna Dress now goes to size 12!

I LOVE pattern testing.  I really LOVE when one of our favorite dresses gets redone into larger sizes and I get to test it again!  You might remember a couple of years ago seeing this sweet little girl on my FB page.  Look at that green grass (if you live in MN you know what I’m talking about!!!  We are getting closer to it again!)


It is a pattern from Petite Kids Boutique called the Donna Dress.  Aubrey LOVED it!  She was so sad when she had to pass it down to her cousin.  Then I saw a call for a pattern tester for . . . wait for it . . . THE DONNA DRESS!!!  It now goes up to a size 12!!  Aubrey will be set for a while!  Check out her new Easter dress, now we just need green grass and warm temps so she can wear it with sandals!

Donna Dress 2

Easter is still a week away, so dust off your sewing machine and pick up the Donna Dress today!!!  The pattern is clearly written and the dress sews up quickly!  If you want to order a Donna Dress for you little one send me a message and there will be a very happy, twirling girl in your future!

Diffusing the day away!

Happy Saturday Everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day.  If you follow me on Facebook you know that there is a GREAT sale going on diffusers right now (ends today!!!) at Spark Naturals.  I’m sorry I didn’t get it posted earlier, but I found out yesterday morning and I was in the pig barns all day and didn’t have my laptop with me.

I LOVE my diffusers!  Originally, we had one in the boys’ room and Aubrey’s room so they could diffuse Shield, Respire, Zen, Dream Blend, or any other combos they wanted to try to help them sleep and stay healthy.  I recently added one to our living room and am now asking myself why I didn’t do it sooner!  Now is a great time to stock up on diffusers for every room in your house and save 25% (15% is taken off the price of the diffuser already, then use coupon code “clotheslinechic” and get an extra 10% off)!!!  Click on the picture below to browse the diffusers (they are on pages 2 and 3 of the accessories).

Extended Diffuser Sale Before you place your order, check out some of my favorite blends to diffuse . . .

Lift my Spirits

I am diffusing the Lift my Spirits blend right now!  It smells amazing and fresh!  I found it at A Hip & Humble Life.

Shield Respire

Eucalyptus Lemongrass

Spring Blend Zen Tangerine

Depending on the day I change my blends in the morning, afternoon and night.  Mine runs for 3-4 hours before it runs out of water (I have mine light up so I know when it is done).  Just dump the remaining water, rinse it out, add more water and oils and you are ready to go for round 2, 3 or 4!  Think I will do the Fresh Air blend next (I have it in a spray bottle and LOVE IT!).

Any questions??  I would love to hear what you diffuse, leave me comment on your favorites!

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How to Make a Roller Bottle with Essentail Oils Video

With free shipping that ends on Friday (2/7), now is a great time to start building your Essential Oils collection!  Today I wanted to share with you how to use some of the wonderful essential oils that you can order!  Here is my first “how to” video . . . Enjoy!

It was fun to make the video, so expect more in the future!  I am thinking about a spray bottle video next!


Don’t forget about the great giveaway to get you started using Essential Oils!  Click here to enter!  Good luck and have a great day!

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Free Shipping and save 10%

Free Shipping from Spark Naturals So don’t delay . . . makes sure you are using

coupon code clotheslinechic to get 10% off you order and save big!